Traffolyte Control Panels and Fascias

We engrave and cut traffolyte control panels and fascia boards to operate machinery, plant tools and high-tech equipment.

Traffolyte is the perfect choice

Traffolyte is a strong and durable material, making it perfect for a wide range of industries. Traffolyte control panels and labels are used where highly resistant labelling is required to operate equipment, instrumentation and machinery safely. We regularly custom engrave traffolyte fascia boards for factory machinery operation and traffolyte control panels for hi-tech equipment. In addition, we manufacture safety signs, tags and labels to warn of hazards.
Image of Traffolyte Control Panels

Engraved and cut to your exact requirements

We can laser cut and engrave traffolyte to your exact specification and supply with strong industry leading self-adhesive backing from 3M™. We offer traffolyte in a range of colours and finishes to suit your requirement.

Colours and finishes

We offer traffolyte a range of colours and finishes to suit your equipment or application. The laminated plastic sheets can be custom engraved into a choice of white, black or coloured cores to suit your branding or specified design.
Image of traffolyte sheet material colour swatch
Image of traffolyte control panels and labels

Machinery Control Panels and Fascia Boards

Image of traffolyte control panels and safety labels

Machine Safety Labels and Tags

Traffolyte Warning Tag

Security Notices and Tags

Industry Sectors

We supply Traffolyte labels and signs to a wide variety of industries across the world


Ideal for labelling storage areas or for durable machine labels, traffolyte tags and labels have the extra durability you need.


Phenolic traffolyte is both acid and alkali resistant, meaning even harsh chemicals will not affect or degrade the information.


Tough environments require tough solutions, and engraved labels are one of the most durable as the image or text can never be rubbed off.

Data and Electronics

The assorted bright colours and sharp text of traffolyte style labels, are easy to read in the often dark and cramped conditions of comms cabinets and floor outlets, also giving a more professional look than printed labelling.


Information can never be rubbed off an engraved label, making them ideal in this zero risk environment.  Often used in colour-coded storage areas for bold and easily readable labelling.


Engraved labelling is the best solution for this application, because the unique environmental conditions demand both long term durability and clarity.  Unaffected by water and damp conditions, with bright colours that resist fading even in strong sun and salt air.

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