What is Traffolyte?

Engraved traffolyte is the ultimate solution for clear and durable signs or labels, whether it’s for office, public or industrial environments.

Image of a group of traffolyte signs

Clear and durable

Traffolyte is a phenolic plastic engraving sheet made up of with 3 coloured layers so engraved lettering or shapes are revealed in colours different to the non engraved area.

It is available in multiple colours and 1.5mm or 3mm thicknesses. This material is rigid, very hard wearing and acid and alkali resistant.

Choice of finishes and fixings

TCE supply traffolyte engraved signs, labels and tags ready to fix to a wide range of surfaces. This includes self adhesive fixings, pre-drilled holes for screw fixing, chains or tags, or accurately dimensioned to fit slide-in holders.

The material is available in a wide choice of colours and finishes.

Image of Traffolyte Tag with Wired Fixing
Image of Traffolyte Cable Tied Tag
Image of Engraved Plastic Valve Tag with Chain Fixing
Image of Traffolyte label with self-adhesive backing
Image of traffolyte labels and signs with logos

Incorporating your logo

Our laser engraver and cutting machine can produce signs and labels to your exact requirements. We can incorporate your logo and work to most designs and shapes.

Metallic finishes available

We can also supply traffolyte in a range of metallic finishes, providing a highly durable, low maintenance and low-cost alternative for name plates and plaques.

It is also available in the following effects: silver, stainless steel, aluminium, gold, antique gold, brass, and copper.

Image of Traffolyte Metallic Swatch

Looking to place an order?

Simply call the TCE office on 01782 643278 or use our enquiry form.